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Last year, we helped turn the Nevada Legislature blue.

Since then, Democrats have passed a wave of legislation to help women and families. Insurance coverage of birth control and mammograms is now mandatory, and they established a ​new ​$500,000 family-planning program.

Republicans are furious with all the progress in Nevada — so they're trying to recall women senators, including two EMILY's List women, and turn the state Senate red.

We HAVE to show Republicans they can't subvert democracy to stand in the way of progressive policies. Donate $3 to help fight the Nevada recall effort and support our state and local women nationwide.

The two EMILY's List women the state GOP is trying to recall, Joyce Woodhouse and ​​Nicole Cannizzaro, are part of a powerful group of pro-choice Democratic women that's passing all this legislation with women specifically in mind.

With their help, Nevada just capped one of the most progressive, feminist legislative sessions of anywhere in the country — because that's what women do.

Nicole introduced a new law to protect pregnant workers from discrimination on the job. And Nevadans can now pick up 12 months of birth control at a time — a huge help to the many women who struggle to consistently access contraception.

We can't let Republicans roll back all this phenomenal progress with their dirty tricks. Donate $3 to help fight the recall effort and support state and local women:



Jenna Kruse
Vice President of Research, EMILY's List