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EMILY's List is all about early money.

(It's literally in our name: Early Money Is Like Yeast... it makes the dough rise!)

Here's how it works: The political gatekeepers often want to see that a candidate can raise money before getting behind them. So we raise early money for candidates, proving they are viable, which in turn encourages others to invest in them.

We're supporting 47 candidates running for office right now, and more than half of them are running to flip red seats blue. By showing our support for them today, we can have a huge impact on their races.

Donate $3 to help give our women running up and down the ballot the head start they need to win their races.

Getting in the tough fights early is what we do, and how we win.

Whether it's recruiting women to run or endorsing in primaries — we take advantage of every moment to make sure we are electing as many pro-choice Democratic women as possible.

Our early backing has helped elect women like Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Stephanie Murphy, and Lisa Blunt Rochester. Want to elect even more leaders like them?

Step up early and donate $3 now to help our candidates build strong campaigns that can WIN:



Emily Cain
Executive Director, EMILY's List