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We are reaching out to you today because Trey needs your continued support.

Because of the stands Trey takes, and because he refuses to be bullied into silence or stop holding leaders accountable he has made many foes in Washington.... And already Democrats are looking at ways to defeat Trey Gowdy.

Friend, we've created a petition to show Trey Gowdy we've got his back. We will stand with him while he stands up for us.

If Trey can count on you, Friend will you let him know right now by adding your name?
Yes! I stand with Trey Gowdy!
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Trey Gowdy was elected to Washington by the great citizens of South Carolina but in reality he is representing every American who believes in limited government, lower taxes and holding our elected officials accountable. Trey isn't in Congress to make friends or climb some popularity ladder, he's there to fight for our values and conservative beliefs.

Let's be honest -- Congress is better because of Trey Gowdy, and we cannot afford to see him defeated by a Democrat movement to unseat him.

That's why Trey needs our support now. We hope you will add your name to stand with Trey and afterwards make a contribution to his campaign.

Your contribution will go instantly to his campaign efforts to fight back against any attacks thrown his way and make certain he's able to run a winning campaign.

Please, Friend, if you take any action today -- make it this-- Stand with Trey Gowdy and for our future!


Team Gowdy