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Lucas –

Ever since President Trump took to Twitter to announce his ban on transgender Americans from serving in our nation’s military, I’ve heard from brave transgender service members worried about what this means for their futures. They want nothing more than to serve their country, and it’s morally wrong that President Trump has derailed their lives in an impulsive fit of bigotry.

An issue this fundamental goes beyond partisan politics. That’s why Senator Susan Collins and I have introduced a bipartisan amendment to block the President’s reckless and hateful ban.

No one who’s willing to risk their life to serve our country should face discrimination just for being who they are. Will you join me in calling on the Senate to pass this critical amendment?

Click here to sign the petition and demand that Congress block President Trump’s ban on transgender service members.

President Trump’s hateful policy is astonishingly cruel – and it’s not clear that it’s even legal. Our transgender service members deserve better, and we owe it to them to stand with them now.

Thank you for speaking out.