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Take a look at these images. What do you see?

Click 'enable images' to view these shapes.

Old-timey dancers in the first, maybe? A person walking a large dog in the second, if you squint hard enough?

These wannabe Rorschach tests are actually congressional districts drawn by Republicans in a process known as gerrymandering, where they make districts favorable to Republicans and reduce the power of Democratic voters.

If you think that's preposterous, you're right.

Donate to fight back against Republican gerrymandering by electing pro-choice Democratic women who will make sure Democratic voices aren't silenced.

Here's how it works: Republicans get into power and then draw districts in whatever way is most beneficial to them — primarily by sequestering Democratic voters and communities of color into as few districts as possible so they can take over all the other districts.

It's so shady. It makes your vote count for a whole lot less than it should. And it means that Republicans have an easier time getting elected — and once they do, they usually get right to work passing horrific anti-choice legislation.

The problem is so critical to whether Democrats can actually win elections that President Obama is getting involved.

We're not sitting on the sidelines for this either — we have a plan to start flipping state legislatures and governors' seats next year so that more Democrats are at the table to make sure we get fair districts.

Combat Republican gerrymandering by donating to elect pro-choice Democratic women to state legislatures and governors' seats so they can protect our voting rights:



Lucinda Guinn
Vice President of Campaigns, EMILY's List