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Donald Trump is the worst President in modern history.

And it’s not because I say so. Or because so many leaders of both parties say so. His dangerous agenda proves it.

Our planet? It’s on a pathway to ruin after Trump walked away from the historic Paris Accord and rolled back President Obama’s key environmental policies.

Our health care? It’s being undermined by Trump out of spite, increasing premiums and making care more expensive for millions of people.

Our First Amendment rights? They’re under fire because Trump cannot take criticism when his actions harm the American people.

Lucas -- President Trump does not represent the values of this country, and lacks even the most basic sense of decency.

If we work together, and fight tooth and nail to win back the House, we could deliver a crushing blow to Trump’s harmful actions and restore the checks and balances we so desperately need right now.

But I need your help: We face a critical deadline in our fight to win back the House and stop Trump’s agenda in 72 hours.

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Congressman Adam Schiff