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Practice makes perfect.

That's why Republicans have been holding mock constitutional conventions. They want to make sure they know exactly how changing our Constitution behind closed doors​ would work.

Last year, they held one in Colonial Williamsburg, VA. There was another planning meeting in Phoenix, AZ, recently. Every day, Republicans are gathering more support for a convention that could put all of the rights the Constitution protects on the line.

We can't let them get that far. Republicans need 34 state legislatures to agree to call a constitutional convention, and right now they hold 32. But not for long.

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For many, this reality might seem like a remote possibility.

But the truth is, if we don't mobilize now for all of the state house and state senate races this year, next year, and beyond, an opportunity for Republicans to convene and amend the Constitution as we know it could be a lot closer than it seems. They're already practicing!

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Jenna Kruse
Vice President of Research, EMILY's List