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For progressives, every day seems to bring a new battle in Washington...

A Republican Congress so firmly in the pocket of the NRA that even the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history won’t move it to discuss common-sense gun safety laws. An administration that’s busy gutting environmental protections while looking for more ways to cut taxes for billionaires and big corporations. And a President who divides us at every turn.

We’re leading the resistance to Trump and his mean-spirited policies—and that’s incredibly important. Add your name to join us.


I'm not interested in just playing defense. We’re also taking bold steps to move the progressive agenda forward right here in New York City.

As New York City Comptroller, that’s something I’ve been doing since the first day on the job. And now, I want you to join me.

Help me fight right here on the ground in NYC. Add your name to join my resistance team today.


While Trump pulls out of the Paris accord, we’re divesting our pension funds from coal companies to lead locally on climate change.

While the Republicans in Washington fight to keep the minimum wage locked at $7.25 an hour, we’re boosting it to $15 an hour here and passing paid family leave to help working New Yorkers.

And while Trump tries any way he can to build his border wall and end DACA protection for Dreamers, we’ve made it clear New York will remain a sanctuary city that says no to the unconscionable harassment of immigrants.

I’ve proudly helped lead these progressive battles and so many others here in New York. I say “helped lead” because none of these victories could be won without the power of grassroots activists like you.


Won’t you join us in our next battle? We need your help to keep moving New York’s progressive agenda forward.

Thanks for all you do,

Scott Stringer NYC Comptroller