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Lucas, running a site like Daily Kos is expensive.

We have the same costs as other major websites—like staff and servers—but, as president of Daily Kos, I try to run a tight ship. Last month, we missed our fundraising goal. It's not a big deal, but we can't let it happen again—we have big plans to expand Daily Kos in major ways next year and kick some Republican ass, but we need to hit these goals to do it.

Everything you see from Daily Kos—the front page news, activism, emails, Facebook—and everything you don't, but is still crucial to our work (like tech and HR) is powered by just 62 staffers. That's insane for site as big as Daily Kos.

We're planning to grow to over 80 staff by early next year. We're going to expand our editorial team and start reporting original hard news stories to stop fake news and dismantle right-wing propaganda, and we're bringing in more organizers so we can launch new campaigns and deliver the resources needed to win key races in next year's election.

Making these hires and growing Daily Kos depends on hitting our goals, and right now we're $253,823 away from our October fundraising goal.

Can you chip in right now to help us hit our October goal?

Keep fighting,
Will Rockafellow, President
Daily Kos