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Our women won BIG last week — and it wasn't by luck or chance.

Last Tuesday's elections proved that when women put their names on ballots and have the resources to bring their ideas to voters, they can win.

But our work doesn't stop there. We're taking what we saw happen in Virginia, Washington State, and all across the country last week and using it to inform what we do in 2018 and beyond.

Donate any amount to help recruit and elect even more pro-choice Democratic women at every level of government.

Our women's wins last week are significant for so many reasons. But one huge reason is: They're changing the map as we know it.

Manka Dhingra turned the Washington State Senate blue. Deborah Gonzalez flipped Georgia's 117th House District, breaking up a Republican supermajority.

And we're already planning how we're going to repeat those wins tenfold next year.

We've targeted 12 U.S. House seats and two more in the Senate that our candidates can flip from red to blue. And we have our eyes on even more races. We're not taking anything as a given.

That also means we can't slow down our support — in fact, we've got to ramp it up if we're going to help more candidates across the expanding map.

Donate any amount to help recruit and elect a wave of pro-choice Democratic women over the next year:


Thanks — and go team!

Emily Cain
Executive Director, EMILY's List