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Republicans are scared.

This year, 1​7 congressional Republicans have announced they're retiring or resigning, ​four of them in November alone.

That's not a coincidence. Republicans are reading the signs just like we are.

They can see how unpopular Trump and their policies are and how hungry voters are to elect progressive champions — like the pro-choice Democratic women we're recruiting and endorsing.

Donate $3 to show Republicans they should be running scared, because we're going to help pro-choice Democratic women candidates defeat them.

We already have three women running to replace these Republicans — including Mary Barzee Flores (FL-2​7​), who we just endorsed today!

And it was just a few weeks after Kyrsten Sinema launched her campaign that Jeff Flake, one of the most vulnerable Senate Republicans, announced he wouldn't be running for re-election.

This is just the start. We're getting ready to endorse even more women to replace retiring and vulnerable Republicans.

Donate $3 to help recruit and elect even more pro-choice Democratic women to defeat Republicans:



Lucinda Guinn
Vice President of Campaigns, EMILY's List