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My first priority as a member of Congress is to keep America safe – and right now we have work to do.

From Russian interference in the 2016 election to the recent Equifax breach, several incidents over the past year alone have shown that we’re facing a constant threat of cyberattacks targeting our government, private-sector companies, and individual American citizens – and we’ve been too slow to respond.

That’s why I’m leading the Cybersecurity Task Force along with my colleagues in the New Democrat Coalition. Donate today to support innovative solutions that protect Americans from cyberattacks!

We need to put politics aside and treat this like the national security priority that it is. We need to partner with the private sector, share information, work together and learn from each other. We need to invest in enhanced cyber-defenses. And we need to develop a world-class cyber workforce that can get ahead of these threats and keep America safe in the 21st century.

Consumers, workers, businesses and local governments deserve better – that’s why New Democrats are working across the aisle and with the private sector to deliver real solutions right now.

Chip in today to help protect our democracy, our economy, and the American people!

Kathleen [Rice]