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For years, the Democratic strategy in elections has been to target “swing” districts. But it’s been ruinous as a long-term strategy. We have spent more than twenty years chasing the next election while large swaths of the country have no viable Democratic candidates or progressive voices.

That’s why the team at It Starts Today have a strategy to compete everywhere. Because the party won’t do it, activists like you will have to step up. That’s what It Starts Today's "Forgotten Democrats" project is—thousands of grassroots activists around the country, working together to fund every Democratic nominee in every congressional race.

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The story of the 2016 U.S. House elections and fundraising shows a dysfunctional party. On average, each Democratic nominee raised $928,124 to fund their campaign. But, in 187 neglected races, the average was only $51,384,—a fraction of what it takes to run a serious campaign.

The closer you look, the uglier it gets: 108 Democratic candidates raised less than $30,000 and 62 raised nothing at all. Democrats didn’t even field a candidate in 28 races.

Had down-ticket Democrats in these 187 neglected districts had enough resources to earn a “normal” Democratic percentage of the vote (what the Cook Political Report considers expected), they would have turned out enough additional Democratic voters to elect Hillary Clinton president. Those voters would have flipped Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania for Hillary, and Democrats would have control of the Senate, winning Missouri, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Instead, the world is suffering under the reign of a manbaby.

We must break out of this self-defeating cycle. Every single race should have a well-qualified Democrat who will campaign on progressive values. We must compete everywhere.

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Jonathan Zucker, Founder
It Starts Today