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Electing the first openly LGBTQ women, first Latinas, and first Asian American women to the Virginia House of Delegates last week — all of them first-time candidates — wasn't an accident.

It was the result of months of hard work — from recruiting top-tier candidates and hosting in-state trainings to working with dozens of partners to get voters to the polls.

With your support, Lucas, we're going to repeat that process again and again over the next year so we help even more women win at the state and local level.

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Our team got on the ground in Virginia back in January.

We started by recruiting stellar candidates — women with unique backgrounds who were willing to give their all to win — and supporting them through the primaries.

Since many of them were first-time candidates, we hosted a Run to Win training in July to give​​ them more tools to build strong campaigns for the general election.

And we had a dedicated advisor (part of the tripling of our state and local staff this year) who was there to support their campaigns.

What some would call a wave is really plain old hard work. And if we keep it up, there will be even more to celebrate next year.

Donate $3 to help recruit and train top-tier candidates for next year's state and local races:



Geri Prado
Senior Director of State & Local Campaigns, EMILY's List