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Senator Dianne Feinstein is a champion, pure and simple.

From serving as the highest ranking Democrat on the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee to always — ALWAYS — defending women, Dianne has been the advocate we've needed.

And with President Trump trampling on every norm and respectable boundary ever set, we can't afford to lose Dianne's powerful voice and experience in the Senate.

A new challenger has entered Dianne's race, and she needs us to fight for her as she's fought for us over the years.

Donate $3 now to help send Dianne back to the Senate next year — 100% of your donation will go to her campaign.

For her entire Senate career, Dianne has consistently defended Planned Parenthood and a woman's right to choose.

She's also been a vocal advocate for gun violence prevention. She introduced the 1994 assault weapons ban, fought to renew it in the wake of Sandy Hook, and proposed a ban on bump stocks in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting.

Dianne's done a lot to protect our public lands, too. She passed a bill to protect more than seven million acres of desert, helped begin a multi-year clean up of Lake Tahoe, and enacted protections for the redwoods of Headwaters Forest.

And with her critical position on the judiciary committee, Dianne is our best hope to get real answers on the Trump campaign's connections to Russia.

EMILY's List was proud to endorse Dianne as she broke barriers to be one of the first two women California elected to the Senate. And we are proud to stand with her again as she runs for re-election.

Donate $3 to fight for Dianne Feinstein as she's fought for us, and 100% of what you give will go directly to her:



Stephanie Schriock
President, EMILY's List