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What a difference a year makes.

Last year, we were mourning the results of the 2016 election. Today, we are celebrating a Democratic sweep in state and local elections across the country.

That difference comes down to millions of people across this country deciding to get involved. And, wow, did this community step up big time in the last 365 days.

Since Election Day 2016, more than 20,000 women have told us they want to run for office. More than 8,000 people have told us they want to help those women win. We launched our biggest Republican opposition program ever. And on Election Day 2017, we won 32 races together.

We have come so far in a year. And we're not slowing down now.

Donate $3 to keep our movement going strong as we resist by electing pro-choice Democratic women to every level of government.

We are certainly in an unprecedented moment in our nation's history.

But this community's unprecedented response is what helped Democrats win up and down the ballot on Tuesday night, particularly diverse Democratic women. Thanks to this community's help, the first Latinas, transgender woman, and Vietnamese American will serve in the Virginia House of Delegates next year.

We have so much to be proud of.

And I am fired up thinking about all that we can accomplish in the next year, too — and have no doubt, 2018 will be a big year for us. Whether it's our slate of 11 U.S. Senate candidates, the possibility of flipping the House, or electing a record number of women to state and local office, we are on the precipice of monumental change.

But we also know we can't get there without hard work. So, if you are still fired up to resist, persist, and show what women can do...

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Thanks for being in the fight,

Stephanie Schriock
President, EMILY's List