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Republicans better look out for a big wave coming in 2018.

The results in Virginia and across the country are proof that voters are ready to reject the Trump agenda. And if we keep this up next year, we’ll win big in 2018.

But we can’t take anything for granted, Lucas.

These victories happened because supporters like you stepped up -- and now I’m counting on you to do the same thing for our Democratic Senate candidates.

I’m asking, Lucas: contribute $1 right now to make sure our Senate candidates are prepared to win next November.

Our victories sent a strong message to Trump and the GOP that voters will hold them accountable for their reckless policies that hurt working families.

Now, Senate Democrats and I need you to show them this is just the beginning. We have to prove we’re not giving up until we defeat their disastrous agenda for good.

Please, Lucas, pitch in $1 right now to show Trump and the Republicans we’re coming for their candidates in 2018:


Thank you,