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This past week, Republicans passed a disastrous tax reform plan that hits middle-class families who live in Connecticut especially hard.

On average, Connecticut families are able to deduct $20,000 a year in state and local taxes. House Republicans’ plan guts the state tax deduction and caps the property tax deduction.

This disproportionately hurts families who live in Connecticut, and I plan to continue to speak out against it. Many working families who live here already feel like their paychecks are being stretched to limit. They rely on these deductions -- and they shouldn’t have them taken away so big corporations and wealthiest one-percent can take home even bigger tax breaks.

Help us fight back against unfair tax reform that hurts Connecticut by giving $5 or $10 to our grassroots team.

I’m committed to fighting back against actions like these. But unfortunately, that makes me a target for special interest groups. Large corporations stand to gain a lot of money from the GOP's tax plan -- so my opposition to it will only further goad the special interest groups that represent them.

National Republicans already have me on their list of vulnerable House members. I’m not afraid to stand up for Connecticut families, but I need to know you’ll help us overcome outside spending against me.

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