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I never thought I’d run for office.

But I also never thought my hometown congressman would lead the charge to take away health care from millions of Americans.

I’m Andy Kim. I served in the White House and Pentagon under President Obama, and now I’m the sole Democrat in the race against Tom MacArthur, the author of TrumpCare.

Like you, I want to elect a Democratic Congress and truly hold President Trump accountable. But I also want to send an unmistakable message to every single elected official: If you go after our health care, you will lose your seat -- and no big donors or super PACs can save you.

Sign now and join my campaign to defeat the author of TrumpCare in New Jersey’s 3rd district -- and protect our health care for good >>


We’re building a true grassroots campaign for change. I’ve decided not to take a dime from corporate PACs, so our 3,000 and counting grassroots donors and hundreds of local volunteers are truly the backbone of this campaign.

Tom MacArthur is a different story. After he played a key role in passing TrumpCare, President Trump rewarded MacArthur with a lavish fundraiser at his Bedminster golf course that raised $800,000.

From my time as a Rhodes Scholar to advising the Obama administration in the fight against ISIS, I’ve always believed in serving the common good. It’s clear that Trump, MacArthur, and too many others in Congress have lost sight of that.

So I’m asking you to join me in this fight, which is already considered by BOTH parties to be one of the most important races of 2018.

Together we can hold Trump accountable, replace Tom MacArthur, and elect leaders who put service before themselves. Please sign on and join our campaign today:


Thank you so much,

--Andy Kim
Democrat for Congress, NJ-03