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Women and families need Planned Parenthood.

In many areas of the country, Planned Parenthood is the only place uninsured or underinsured women can turn for affordable life-saving health care services. It is where they can get breast exams, ovarian cancer screenings, contraception, and STI testing.

Planned Parenthood and health clinics like it are able to function because of Title X federal funding. But President Trump and Republicans in Congress passed legislation that allows states to strip Planned Parenthood of those critical federal funds.

I am disgusted. President Trump and Republicans in Congress aren’t the ones who rely on Planned Parenthood. Their families aren’t the ones who will have to go without annual cancer screenings. They aren’t the ones who have to grapple with the consequences of their politically-charged actions -- vulnerable women and families do.

These women and families need our help. Join me and sign our petition to tell the GOP that women deserve access to reproductive health services.

I grew up in a town where many young women didn’t have access to reproductive health care. I’ve seen firsthand the difference it can make for themselves and their families, which is why I volunteered for Planned Parenthood in college.

Women should not be denied life-saving care because they can’t afford it. Please add your name to our petition to tell the GOP to keep their hands off Planned Parenthood’s funding.

Thank you,