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Back in 2012, Rep. Tom Price – now head of the Department of Health and Human Services – said there was "not one” woman who had been unable to afford contraception.

That quote has been on my mind since news broke last month that the Trump administration has drafted a regulation that would let employers refuse to offer contraceptive coverage to their employees.

Here’s a reality check for Sec. Price: Before the Affordable Care Act, birth control accounted for between 30 and 44 percent of women’s out-of-pocket health care spending. Without insurance, contraceptive pills can cost up to $50 a month – which is out of reach for many families living paycheck to paycheck.

That’s why the Affordable Care Act’s guarantee of no-copay contraceptive coverage was such an enormous step forward for women’s rights. Accessible and affordable birth control allows women to take control of our bodies and our futures. It’s unconscionable that this administration wants to walk back these critical gains.

My husband and I were fortunate enough to start our family on our terms, when we were ready. I want every woman to have that option, and I won’t back down from defending women’s access to affordable reproductive health care.

One of the most important things we can do to protect our rights is share our own stories. That’s why I want to hear your thoughts on the Trump administration’s move to let employers decide whether their employees can get birth control coverage. Click here to let me know why this matters to you.

This is just the latest step in this administration’s disgraceful anti-women agenda. But when all of us stand together and make our voices heard, we can defend the rights for which we’ve fought so hard. Thank you for speaking out.

Kirsten [Gillibrand]