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Collusion: "secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose; acting in collusion with the enemy.” - Merriam-Webster Dictionary

New incriminating information just came out about Trump’s Russian entanglements:

  • President Trump believes Vladimir Putin over US agencies on Russian hacking of our elections. He dismissed the integrity and analysis of our intelligence community in favor of a despot.
  • Donald Trump Jr. changed his story and admitted that he met with a Kremlin representative who claimed to have information the Trump campaign could use against Hillary Clinton!

If this wasn’t collusion, it sure looks like it was an attempt. Add your name and demand an independent investigation NOW.

Trump Jr.’s disturbing admission contradicts official statements from numerous high ranking White House and Trump campaign officials. This ordeal is like a Russian nesting doll -- beneath each lie and cover up is another, and another, and another.

Our democracy is at stake, our institutions are being sidelined, our national interests are being ignored, and all the President wants to do is cozy up to a former KGB agent and get into fights on Twitter.

Republicans keep blocking Democratic attempts to create an independent commission, but we can’t stop fighting for Americans to know the truth. This is more important now than ever.

Join Nancy and call for an independent investigation NOW so we can find out exactly what is going on.

Thank you,

Team Pelosi