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Senate Republicans want to exempt themselves from their own health care bill.

You read that right. Senate Republicans want to pass a bill that would cause people to pay more for less coverage -- and rack up medical bills or worse, go without treatment -- but they want to keep their Obamacare.

Stand with Democrats who are telling Republicans to find a backbone -- either accept the consequences of your own health care bill or don’t pass it. Add your name now.

It’s disgusting for Senate Republicans to worry about protecting their own health care while trying to rip coverage away from 22 million Americans -- and raise costs for millions more!

And it’s no wonder they don’t want this bill for themselves! Their Obamacare repeal would allow insurers to sell plans that don’t cover essential benefits, like emergency room visits, maternity care and cancer screenings.

Republicans should know that if this bill isn’t good enough for them, it’s not good enough for the American people either. Add your name now:




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