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Lucas, running a site as big as Daily Kos is expensive.

We have costs like other major websites—like staff and servers—but I work hard to keep expenses down and run a tight ship. This month, though, we're still coming up a little short if we're going to grow Daily Kos the way we've planned and charge into 2018 ready to kick some Republican ass.

Everything you see from Daily Kos—the front page news, activism, emails, Facebook—and everything you don't, but is still crucial to our work (like tech and HR) is powered by just 60 staffers. That's insane for site as big as Daily Kos.

We want to grow Daily Kos to 80 staff by early next year. We're already expanding our activism team to hold Trump and the GOP Congress accountable, and we need to expand our tech team to keep up with increased readership and to improve security, which is a very high priority in the age of Russian hacking.

We can't make these hires if we miss our goals and right now we're $43,074 from hitting our July goal.

Can you chip in $5 right now to help us hit our July goal?

Keep fighting,
Will Rockafellow, President
Daily Kos