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NYC Food Waste Fair

A “soup to nuts” approach to food waste prevention, recovery and recycling.
New York City businesses throw away more than 650,000 tons of food waste annually—yet food scraps aren’t garbage. Instead, that food could be used to feed people and animals, nourish soil, grow healthy food, and create energy.
Businesses, investors and policymakers are eager to reduce their food waste footprint, and crave information about practical, tangible, shelf-ready solutions. By pairing an expo-style event with workshops, digital content and live demonstrations, the NYC Food Waste Fair will provide critical resources, and catalyze a growing industry.
The NYC Food Waste Fair will equip business owners and managers with the knowledge, tools and connections to build a waste prevention plan from scratch, or take existing programs to the next level. The exhibit hall will showcase dozens of vendors offering food waste prevention, recovery and recycling services. And workshops will provide information from city government officials on how to comply with laws and regulations, as well as tips from experts on how to achieve tangible, cost-effective results.
Take advantage of the Early Bird 50% off discount until July 1st.
For more information or to become an exhibitor, visit foodwastefair.nyc.
Brooklyn EXPO Center
72 Noble Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222
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Early-bird tickets are now available for the NYC Food Waste Fair, a unique science-fair-meets-trade-expo on July 25. Hosted by DSNY's Foundation for New York's Strongest, the Fair will help people, organizations and business owners get the most out of our food, protect the environment and cut business costs. Meet the NYC Food Waste Fair exhibitors and speakers.

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Missed the spring SAFE disposal events? Bring harmful household products — like electronics, old batteries and paint — to special waste drop-off sites, open year-round. And check back this summer for the fall SAFE disposal event schedule.

A group of students who won a Zero Waste schools award with blue bin and brown bin characters


14 NYC schools recently won cash prizes for their sustainability projects in recycling, waste reduction and creative reuse, cleanup and beautification, and gardening. Learn more about the 2017 winners of the Zero Waste School Awards.



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