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Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation to Expand Disability Retirement Benefits for Uniformed Workers in New York City

Provides Access to Fair, High-Quality Benefits for 64,000 New York City Police, Firefighters, Corrections Officers and Sanitation Service Workers

Law will Restore Parity to New York City's Uniformed Workforce

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo recently signed legislation to provide enhanced disability retirement benefits to uniformed police officers, firefighters, corrections officers and sanitation workers in New York City. The new legislation will expand accidental disability benefits for eligible uniformed workers, regardless of whether or not they are eligible for a normal service retirement benefit. Additionally, the new law will allow retirees who are receiving an accidental disability pension to continue to do so.

"In New York City, uniformed workers serve on the front line of preserving the safety, health and wellbeing of residents - it is crucial that we offer them the same level of support in return," Governor Cuomo said. "With this action, we are restoring justice and fairness to these dedicated men and women who keep New York moving forward so they can rest assured that if they get hurt in the line of duty, they and their families will be taken care of."

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Under the previous law, members of uniformed services were not eligible for a three-quarters disability pension after reaching the benchmark for a regular pension - after approximately 20 years of service. The newly enacted legislation expands accidental disability benefits so that all of the 64,000 members of New York City's uniformed services are eligible for the three-quarters disability pension, regardless of the amount of years served. State Police are already entitled to the three-quarters pension benefit, and this new law restores parity all across the board to uniformed servicemen and women in New York City.

"In New York City, uniformed workers serve on the front line of preserving the safety, health and wellbeing of residents - it is crucial that we offer them the same level of support in return."

Governor Cuomo

Senator Martin Golden said, "New York City is home to some of the most dedicated servicemen and women in the country and it is our duty to protect them the way that they protect us. By expanding the disability retirement benefit to cover the tens of thousands of city police officers, firefighters, corrections officers and sanitation workers, we do our part in giving them the financial stability and reassurance that the health and wellbeing of themselves and their families will be protected in the event of an accident. I thank Governor Cuomo for signing this bill into law today to benefit the hardworking servicemen and women of our city."

Assemblyman Peter Abbate said, "Each and every day, firefighters and police officers put their lives on the line to protect New Yorkers and it is critical that we provide them with a reliable and sufficient safety net in the event that they get hurt on the job. As a result of this bill, our state now offers improved disability retirement benefits to our dedicated uniformed service workers - allowing them the peace of mind that if they were to get injured while working, their families would be taken care of. I thank my colleagues in the Assembly for all their hard work and the Governor for signing this bill into law protecting New York's hardworking men and women."

Uniformed Firefighters Association President Gerard Fitzgerald said, "This law ensures that our members can go to work every single day on behalf of families, friends and neighbors without having to worry about whether or not their own families will be provided for adequately in the event they are injured on the job. We commend Governor Cuomo and the members of the legislature for their commitment to making sure all workers have quality benefits and are under the same pension protections."

Patrolmen's Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch said, "New York City police officers' job is dangerous and unpredictable with this critical legislation, their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their family is further preserved and protected. This new law will restore safety and fairness for the newest NYPD members, who put themselves at risk every day on behalf of all New Yorkers. I thank the Governor, Senator Marty Golden, Assembly Member Peter Abbate and our allies in the Senate and Assembly for once again standing up for the women and men who protect our city and our state."

Roy Richter, President of the Captain's Endowment Association said, "The uniformed servicemen and women of New York City are vital to keeping our neighborhoods and residents safe, and they deserve nothing less than these expanded disability retirement benefits. Each day they risk their lives in line of duty and it is our duty to support and promote their safety and wellbeing. I am grateful to Governor Cuomo and the New York State legislature for pushing this critical legislation forward into law."

Elias Husamudeen, President of NYCCOBA, said, "New York City Correction Officers put their lives on the line daily to keep New Yorkers safe. That level of dedication deserves respect, honor and support. This new law restores fairness for Correction Officers and all uniformed workers by ensuring that they are entitled to three-quarters of their pension, if they are injured in the line of duty. I thank Governor Cuomo for signing this bill today to protect the lives of these dedicated men and women who protect us each day."

Michael J. Palladino, President of the Detectives' Endowment Association, Inc. said, "This City's uniformed workforce is a dedicated group of men and women committed to serving the people of New York City. I want to thank Governor Andrew Cuomo for signing this legislation, because it restores fairness, equity and assures workers of security in the event of a line of duty injury."

Joe Mannion, President of the Sanitation Officers Association (SEIU 444), said, "I thank Governor Cuomo for recognizing the critical importance of providing New York City's uniformed servicemen and women with a high level of financial security in the event of an injury sustained on the job. These hardworking individuals are on the front lines, ensuring that public health and wellness is protected and this new legislation will restore fairness for New York City's workers for years to come."

Harry Nespoli, President of the Uniformed Sanitation's Association (IBT 831), said, "By signing this bill into law today to extend the three-quarters pension benefits to all uniformed service workers in New York City, Governor Cuomo has reestablished fairness all across the board. These men and women work tirelessly around the clock to keep this city safe, clean and healthy and they deserve the same level of support and stability that they provide New York City residents each and every day. I thank the Governor for once again being a true partner to our brothers and sisters in labor."