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President Trump has done the impossible -- he’s figured out a way to make money off his golfing habit, and the American people are footing the bill.

In only ten months, Donald Trump has traveled to his golf clubs like Mar a Lago and Bedminster over 70 times. The Secret Service has paid at least $144,975 in golf cart rentals alone to Trump-owned properties and golf courses (including nearly $7,500 while Trump golfed over Thanksgiving).

The wasteful spending by this Administration is bad enough, that is also enriches the President’s family is all the more corrupting. That’s why I put forward an amendment to put a stop to it - now - but the House GOP leadership blocked it from receiving a vote. If you agree profiting off the Presidency is wrong, sign my petition calling on Trump and his cabinet to stop wasting taxpayer money.


It’s not just the President who spends big bucks on travel and luxury: former Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price spent half a million dollars on private jet travel when affordable commercial options were easily available, and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin even asked for a private government-owned plane to take him and his wife on his honeymoon to Europe.

The Trump family and administration is one of the wealthiest to occupy the Oval Office in our nation’s history, yet they think they can get away with wasting tax dollars on luxurious travel and using the government to enrich themselves and their businesses.

It’s time they end this wasteful spending: add your name now if you agree with me.


Thanks for all you do,
Adam Schiff