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Dear Lucas,

During the campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump talked constantly about how he would "drain the swamp" and stand up for hard-working Americans. Unsurprisingly, President Trump has failed to fulfill those promises.

Everything the Republicans have done in the last year has added to the burdens of hard-working families. From undermining Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security to advancing an egregious tax bill, they've demonstrated clearly that they care more about their billionaire donors and the Trump family's fortune than they do about the people who elected them.

As Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, I'm making sure my party remembers that we work for YOU.

Democrats want to lift up middle-class families. We have a true vision for how to strengthen America. We have concrete proposals for how to make health care affordable, provide tax relief for middle-class families, promote job growth, and improve our nation's transportation and infrastructure. Because fighting for everyday Americans is what we believe in.

Join me in the effort to put Democrats back in the driver’s seat in Congress. It is what working families need and deserve.

Thank you,

Congressman Joe Crowley