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That's how many state legislative seats we want to recruit pro-choice Democratic women to run for.

It's a bold goal, but Election Day 2017 showed us that electing a wave of pro-choice Democratic women at the state and local level is doable if we support them early and often.

And early is NOW.

Donate $3 to help recruit and train women to run for the 598 state legislative seats we're targeting.

What we did in Virginia — where we helped 11 women flip seats in the House of Delegates — and across the country this year showed that neither this community nor voters want to play it small and safe. Now is a moment for big, bold plans.

So here's how we plan to go big:

The 598 seats we're targeting are spread across 26 states. There are eight state legislative chambers we want to flip from red to blue and seven we want to hold blue.

In five states, we plan to make big Democratic gains or break up Republican supermajorities, stopping Republican strangleholds that let them pass anti-woman, anti-choice laws with impunity.

We're setting the bar incredibly high, but it's because we know that when this community comes together, we can do what others deem impossible.

Donate $3 to help recruit and support pro-choice Democratic women who can win hundreds of state legislative seats across the country:



Stephanie Schriock
President, EMILY's List