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Man sues White Plains, police for allegedly violating civil rights


A 72-year-old developer is suing the city of White Plains and the police department for $3 million, claiming they violated his civil rights when he was arrested earlier this year and left debilitated.

Charles Pateman's run-in with police occurred back in January outside a White Plains apartment building. He was called there by his fiancee because she was having a domestic dispute with a relative upstairs. He says the police wouldn't let him go upstairs and that they treated him like a suspect.

Pateman says they pushed him around, causing him to fall, and then arrested him. He says the handcuffs were so tight that they drew blood.

“Twelve times throughout the incident, I asked them to loosen the cuffs. I could feel the blood running down my hands. It was unbelievable to me,” he says.

Police took Pateman in and eventually charged him with resisting arrest and obstructing official government activity. Instead of helping him, his lawyer says they kept him shackled up and refused him the immediate care he needed.

Pateman says he is suing to send a message that the people of White Plains deserve better from their officers.

White Plains officials say that while they haven't received the lawsuit yet, they are aware of the accusations and intend to vigorously defend themselves in court.

The arrest of Patemen was captured on the officers' body cameras.