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The resistance is local, and it's running for office.

Since Election Day, we've already put our support behind more than a dozen women at the state and local level who will be strong, progressive voices for their communities.

They're running for positions that may seem small but that have a huge impact on everything from clean water to keeping community health clinics open.

These are also races where a little money can go a LONG way — which means, together, we have a big impact.

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Four of our women — Cindy Friedman (MA-SD Fourth Middlesex District), Stephanie Hansen (DE-SD10), Jennifer McClellan (VA-SD09), and Christine Pellegrino (NY-HD09) — have already won their elections with the help of this community, ​​​​most of them in landslides.

In addition to a number of​ women we're supporting in Virginia, we're focusing on these women who are running strong campaigns:

Manka Dhingra (WA-SD45) is running in the most expensive legislative contest in Washington state history — Republicans, largely funded by Big Oil, have spent more than $1 million against her. That's because if she wins, she could flip control of the state Senate (the only Republican-held legislative chamber on the West Coast) from red to blue. She had a successful primary election this past Tuesday and is strongly positioned for the general election this November.

Sara Cambensy (MI-HD109), currently a Marquette city commissioner, is running in Michigan's Upper Peninsula with a keen eye to energy issues and preserving blue-collar jobs. Her primary is tomorrow!

Joyce Craig (Manchester Mayor) was born and raised in Manchester, NH. She's a former school board member and alderman, where she oversaw the city's budgets. As the mother of three children, she's running to protect the quality of education in her community's public schools.

Laura Curran (Nassau County Executive) is running in a New York county where two executives are being investigated for corruption. Laura — a former reporter — is the right candidate to bring transparency and accountability back to her community.

Michela Skelton (MO-HD50) has served as an attorney for the Missouri Senate, where she drafted dozens of bills for senators on both sides of the aisle. Her special election is TOMORROW, so today is our last chance to show we're standing with her.

All of these women are phenomenal candidates who will fight tooth and nail against the Republican agenda trickling from the national level into their local communities.

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Lucinda Guinn
Vice President of Campaigns, EMILY's List