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We've put a record 50 Republicans "On Notice" for their horrible anti-choice records, and that means we're planning to flip their seats in 2018.

This is our most robust Republican opposition program ever.

Voters know they deserve better than these guys. They deserve EMILY's List women.

And we already have several EMILY's List women running against these Republicans with more to come.

Donate $3 to make sure we have the resources to recruit and train strong candidates to run against these 50 Republicans next year.

We've already endorsed women running against these three On Notice Republicans:

Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (NJ-11) once sent a fundraising letter to a bank calling out an employee who worked there for being one of his vocal opponents. She later resigned after being required to write a statement to the CEO. It's unacceptable for an elected official to intimidate their constituents like this.

Our EMILY's List candidate running against him: Mikie Sherrill

Rep. Ed Royce (CA-39) once attended an anti-Muslim protest outside a fundraiser for disaster relief and women's shelters. He told the crowd that multiculturalism was paralyzing America.

Our EMILY's List candidate running against him: Mai Khanh Tran

And Trumpcare's Deciding Vote Dean Heller (NV-Senate) is one of our best opportunities to flip a Senate seat blue next year. After protesting about the heavy human cost of Trumpcare, Heller folded and was the deciding vote to advance the legislation.

Our EMILY's List candidate running against him: Jacky Rosen

If we have these three women's backs, they all can flip critical seats.

Donate $3 to help Mikie, Mai Khanh, Jacky, and the dozens of women we're recruiting to unseat On Notice Republicans:


Thank you,

Jenna Kruse
Vice President of Research, EMILY's List

P.S. These 50 Republicans are just the start. We'll be putting more vulnerable Republicans On Notice over the next couple of months. Donate $3 to help recruit and support pro-choice Democratic women to run against them.