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Here’s what happens when you take on the NRA, Lucas.

The NRA’s leadership recently released chilling videos that depict the U.S. as a country on the verge of civil war, warning of protestors who “terrorize the law-abiding” and attacking media outlets like the New York Times. These videos have nothing to do with protecting Second Amendment rights — each one is a thinly veiled call to arms, encouraging hatred and violence against political activists and journalists.

So I called them out and said that the NRA’s leadership is becoming a threat to domestic security — and now they’re coming after me with everything they have. Chip in $3 right now to help us fight back!

The NRA’s top spokesperson is calling for my resignation, and their extreme right-wing allies are spreading vicious lies about my character and my record of public service.

I’m not afraid to call this behavior from NRA’s leadership exactly what it is, and I won’t be intimidated for speaking the truth. For too long, they’ve used their money, power and scare tactics to stand in the way of common-sense progress to prevent gun violence. And now that they no longer have a Democratic boogeyman in the White House, they’re exploiting the divisions in our country to try and incite violence.

We all need to keep speaking out against this kind of behavior — Democrats and Republicans, gun owners and non-gun owners, NRA members and non-NRA members. No matter how much the NRA’s leaders want to divide us, we know that the majority of Americans are on our side in the fight for common-sense laws that will save lives. We won’t be intimidated, and we won’t be defeated.

Donate $3 right now to take a stand against NRA’s fear-mongering leadership!

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