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Richie --

My debate with my opponent, one of Trump's biggest supporters, was televised.

During the debate, the moderator pointed out that my opponent Jose Felix Diez was fired on the Apprentice by President Trump.

When Mr. Diaz was asked about his relationship with Donald Trump, he left out the donations that Trump made to his campaigns, and his service on Mr. Trump's presidential campaign.

I didn't try to hide what I stand for. I spoke loud and clear to Florida voters, saying "I disagree with just about everything Trump tries to do."

I spoke up against Senate Bill 140, because the last thing we need after multiple tragedies throughout our country is open carry of guns on our campuses.

I spoke up for public education. If I had been in the Senate, I would have been the deciding vote against House Bill 7069, which gives taxpayer dollars to for-profit corporations.

On all these issues and more, I stood up for our values.

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Your friend in the fight,

Annette Taddeo