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I’m not sure if you heard this already, but I officially have an opponent in 2018.

There are likely going to be more challengers entering the race, too. Another potential candidate has recently told the press he’s “seriously considering” running.

We can’t take anything for granted. Not only are challengers circling this race, back in March the National Republican Congressional Committee put me on a list of their top Democratic targets in 2018.

Money is going to be pouring into Connecticut for my opponents from national Republicans and special interest groups.

Before the negative ads and smear campaigns start, can you help us build up our grassroots team? Give $5 or $10 so we can be ready to fight back and win.

No matter who enters this race or what ads they run about me -- I’m going to wake up every single day, more motivated than ever to do the job I was elected to do.

While my opponents are expending energy on ways to twist my record, I’ll be championing the issues that matter to Connecticut families. I’ll be protecting health care, leveling the playing field for middle-class Americans, and strengthening Social Security and Medicare.

All I ask is that you make sure we have a strong grassroots team ready to go when this race heats up. Chip in $5 if you can.

Thank you,