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I began my career teaching and working with young people. In my first job as a counselor in a New York City day camp, I provided youth the recreational outlet and physical education that I believe is critical to their development. I used the skills I learned in the rec center gym when I began my work in New York City public schools coordinating after-school programs for our highest-needs students. Having grown up in modest means in the Lower East Side, I had a common bond with the parents, faculty and kids I served.

I will continue to fight for the families and educators who want the next generation to do better than the last. And this all starts with a great education.

That's why I am proud to have the endorsement of the United Federation of Teachers (UFT), the labor organization representing NYC’s hardworking public school teachers, as well as PSC CUNY, which represents faculty and staff at our city's public colleges and universities.

But to get to work on building equity among schools and ensuring strong programming at every grade level, I need your help. With just days left until Primary Day, I need you knocking on doors and making calls with me.

Please sign up to join me in the final days of the campaign now. Time is ticking…

See you in the field,