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I can’t say this any more bluntly -- we are at a political crossroads, and I need your help.

People on the right and the left are passionate about politics right now. This started well before last November. People turned out in droves to rally with their political candidates in 2016, and that energy has just continued to grow.

I’m a frank person, and I’ll speak frankly: After I lost my own race for State Senate last November, I realized two things.

First, no election is just about one candidate winning or losing. Even though I didn’t win, I woke up to the idea that I owed it to the people who’d invested in my campaign, and to myself, to keep on participating in the conversation.

Second, I realized that every single voter has the power to change the local conversation, and that adds up.

My team and I launched Trailblazers PAC in January to educate and invest in candidates for local office across two states - New York and Pennsylvania.

We are making a difference. With the state of political conversation right now, that’s really important -- and we need you with us.

We have worked with nearly 500 local office candidates and supporters -- Town Board, County Legislator -- in a dozen workshops and one-on-one over the past eight months.

We are endorsing candidates who are already winning races to bring honest government back into the conversation.

We are changing the conversation, one front porch at a time, and we are very proud of our work.

We need your help.

Your donation today will go to candidates who are laser focused on THIS year. Thousands of races will be decided in less than three months -- Tuesday, November 7, 2017 -- a real chance to start taking our democracy back, and make it about voter voices.

After all, voters should be the most important voices at the table.

We believe in Front Porch Politics. We’re making it happen.


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