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Lucas, Republicans in Congress and across the country rushed to Twitter yesterday to distance themselves from Donald Trump after the president-in-name-only refused to condemn Nazis and white supremacists.

But here's the thing: Many of these same Republicans have voted for or are working right now to pass legislation that protects white supremacy by keeping marginalized people from accessing their right to vote.

  • Cutting early voting hours in majority-black areas, as Indiana and Wisconsin Republicans have
  • Gerrymandering congressional and state legislative maps to discriminate against black and Latino voters, as Texas did before its maps were struck down by courts
  • Passing voter ID laws and then shutting down DMVs in majority-black areas, as Alabama did
  • Purging voters of color from voting rolls, as Kansas, Ohio, and many other states have

Republicans in office today only distance themselves from Trump because he doesn't hide his racism the way they do when they push bills to disenfranchise people of color by talking up nonexistent "voter fraud."

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Monique Teal, Daily Kos