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As we mark 100 days of Donald Trump's presidency, it’s time to take stock of some campaign promises he’s made:

Lucas --

As we mark 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency, it’s time to take stock of some campaign promises he’s made:

“I’m going to drain the swamp”?
Not with a cabinet full of billionaires and conflicts of interest.

“Insurance for everybody”?
Trumpcare failed because it ripped away health care for millions.

“Buy American and Hire American”?
Another unfulfilled promise to working people.

And why all the failed promises? That’s because as soon as President Trump was elected, he made a deal with the hard right and wealthy special interest allies to let them run the show.

President Trump’s made clear what promises he’ll break to help the rich and powerful. Now it’s our turn to show how the American people will hold their President accountable.

Chip in $1 in honor of Trump’s first 100 days -- imagine his reaction when he sees thousands of donations made in his name to support Senate Democrats.

We’ve fought back each and every one of the GOP’s dangerous policies, from their disastrous health care bill to President Trump’s unconstitutional Muslim ban.

We’ve lit up Capitol switchboards, stood shoulder to shoulder at airports, and marched in droves to send a message of how many are opposing Republicans’ extreme demands.

Standing together has given our resistance strength and momentum -- but if President Trump’s first 100 days are any indicator, we can expect more fights on our hands soon that need us all engaged.

So let’s mark Trump’s 100 days with support for Senate Democrats who go to the mat for our values. Chip in $1 right now:


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