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Today marks President Trump's 100th day in office. He has claimed that these first 100 days have been the greatest of any presidency. He says that no president has accomplished what he has in such a short period of time, that no president has passed so many bills.

This is the fantasy world Donald Trump lives in.

Over the course of his first 100 days, President Trump has left in his wake a slew of broken promises and a bevy of lies. He has treated the truth with contempt and has further muddied the swamp with scandal. Under the cover of his faux-populism, he has enriched himself and showered the millionaire and billionaire class with benefits at the expense of working class families.

This is who our president is.

He was willing to force 24 million hard-working Americans out of health insurance. He has threatened the safety of millions who came to our shores with a dream. And now, he wants to hand a gift basket of massive tax cuts to the wealthiest among us and place the burden on those most in pain.

The past few months have been surreal. But this is not who we are. We will do all we can, whenever we can, to stand up for the truth and for what is right. The fight is only just beginning.

Join me in the fight to reclaim our democracy.