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If you’re exhausted by Trump’s first 100 days, you’re not alone.

It’s tough to keep up. We’ve seen a travel ban (two travel bans, actually), an attempt to take away health insurance coverage from millions of people (two of those now, too), and the confirmation of some of the least-qualified cabinet nominees in history.

Oh, and we put a justice on the Supreme Court who ruled against a trucker who had the nerve to choose not to freeze to death. That happened too. And now Trump has released a tax plan that will help him and his wealthy friends.

Exhaustion is understandable -- but it is also what Trump and the Republicans want. I really wish we could take a breather, but we can’t. If you can give $5, you’ll help keep our fight going.

Trump is not going to let up. He and the GOP Congress are going to rip up any rules standing in their way -- some Republicans are already pushing to break up the court that ruled against Trump’s travel bans.

They are deadly serious about giving massive tax cuts to rich people, rolling back environmental protections, and defunding Planned Parenthood.

Have I mentioned North Korea? No, I guess I haven’t. Like I said, it’s been hard to keep up.

We have to hold the line. This is serious -- Trump and the GOP are trying to wear us down. We need to show them that their plan is not going to work. Make a contribution today.

After you’ve made a contribution, grab a nap. But not too much -- make it a power nap. This is going to be a long fight, and it won’t get any easier if we back down.



P.S. Y’know what your contributions help us buy? Coffee. Gallons and gallons of very strong coffee, the kind that keeps people working long past their bedtimes. Give $5, $10, $20 if you can, and keep the caffeine flowing.