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I made a trip to Iowa this month to campaign for Hillary Clinton.

It made me reflect on what's at stake in 2016. And honestly, it's everything we've ever fought for.

From attempts to defund Planned Parenthood to votes for a national abortion ban, Republicans are constantly attacking women's reproductive health. And if that doesn't juice you up, just turn on the TV to watch a Ted Cruz or Donald Trump ad — the Republican candidates for president might be the worst I've ever seen.

I know Hillary will continue to advocate for women from the White House — but she's only going to get there if every single one of us works and works and works some more to make it happen. Thankfully, this community knows exactly how to leverage our power to make change. It's what we've been doing for 30 years.

Donate to EMILY's List today so we can finally put a pro-choice Democratic woman in the White House and send more women to Congress.

There's only one Democratic presidential candidate with the passion, experience, toughness, and all-around smarts needed to be a champion for women and families and keep Republicans' anti-choice attacks at bay.

It's not enough to hold the line this year: We need someone who will fight for us each and every single day.

We know what the Republican candidates would bring to the White House if they win: More attacks on choice, more votes to curb access to reproductive health care, and stalling (if not reversing) the progress we've made.

The stakes are too high to sit back now.

So do whatever you need to do to get yourself fired up — whether it's watching Republican ads or watching Hillary at the debates. Then donate to help elect her and other pro-choice Democratic women this year:


Warm regards,

Ellen R. Malcolm
Founder and Chair of the Board