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Since my first days as a young prosecutor, I have lived by a simple premise: honor our responsibility to children and the most vulnerable. As a public servant, I have kept up that commitment every day and now our children, and those who were abused as children, need us more than ever. That's why I'm incredibly proud to announce that I've received the endorsement of the Fighting for Children PAC, an organization dedicated to passing the Child Victims Act so that we can finally achieve justice for the victims of sexual abuse.

I am a proud supporter of the Child Victims Act and believe the time has come for New York to update its statute of limitations laws for child abuse victims. Justice must be served, regardless of how long it's been or how old the victim is. And I won't stop fighting for these victims until we've changed the law.

Read about my endorsement in the New York Daily News!

This is common sense legislation. It shouldn't be a Democratic issue or a Republican issue. It's not about whether you're a conservative, moderate, or independent. It's about fairness and justice. Children and adults who have been through the worst of humanity deserve justice, plain and simple. And when the State Senate is brought back into session, passing the Child Victims Act will be one of my top priorities.

Thank You,

Todd Kaminsky