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As an ASPCA supporter, you hear a lot about the work we do in the field. Tiny puppies rescued from dog fighting, hungry cats rescued from the homes of hoarders…But our work doesn’t begin and end with these rescues. In reality, the rescue is often the start of a long journey with the animals that we save—a journey that goes from emergency care to behavioral rehabilitation, and, ultimately, to adoption into a loving home.

As a matter of fact, animal adoption is one of the things we do best. Not only has our Field Team placed nearly 500 dogs and cats this year, but our Adoption Center has found homes for more than 2,700 animals— breaking its own monthly record with 632 adoptions in August alone! That’s more than 3,100 soft beds, 3,100 warm laps, and 3,100 animals who might never have known the love of a family if it weren’t for your support.

People often ask us what makes the ASPCA different. Is it our 150 years of experience? Our nationwide reach? Or maybe our unwavering dedication to each and every animal that comes through our doors? While these things make us proud, the truth is that none of our life-saving work would be possible without the support of people like you.

When you donate to the ASPCA today, you can help us continue to fight on all fronts. From emergency rescue all the way through to adoption, we can be there for animals every step of the way. Please make a gift right now.