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We've been sifting through the Q2 FEC fundraising reports, and these numbers got our attention in a big way:

Jeb Bush has raised over $114 million in his bid to become president! Here's how he and the other frontrunners are stacking up:

Jeb Bush

  • $103 million for his super PAC
  • $11.4 million for his campaign (Raised in just 15 days)

Ted Cruz

  • $37 million for his super PACs
  • $10 million for his campaign

Marco Rubio

  • $32 million for his super PAC
  • $12 million for his campaign

Anti-choice millionaires are going all in for Bush and the other Republican candidates. Pro-choice Democratic women are relying on all three million of us to have their backs.

Donate to defeat Jeb Bush and show anti-choice extremists that we're determined to win in 2016.

I'm not going to beat around the bush, Lucas — this will likely be the most expensive election season we've ever seen.

But at EMILY's List, we truly believe that a strong campaign comes down to millions of grassroots supporters giving what they can to support our women, not a handful of anti-choice millionaires writing big checks.

Show Republicans that our community is big enough and strong enough to take down a handful of anti-choice millionaires.

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Jess O'Connell
Executive Director, EMILY's List