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Our thanks to the Associated Press for its coverage of this Newman Ferrara case:

Joseph Felice and Robert Borrelli sue Brendan Cronin, off-duty NYC cop, for $90 million after shooting

Published: July 1, 2014 4:18 PM

Lawyers for two men who say they were shot at and nearly killed by a drunken, off-duty New York Police Department officer announced Tuesday they are filing two lawsuits totaling $90 million over the apparently random incident.

Attorney Randolph McLaughlin said Joseph Felice and Robert Borrelli were on their way home from playing hockey on April 29 and were stopped at a red light in suburban Pelham when Officer Brendan Cronin fired 14 shots into their car.

Felice was hit six times in the shoulder, arm and hand, but the bullets missed Borrelli, McLaughlin said.

"Frankly, it's a miracle that these men did not die that day," the attorney said.

McLaughlin said Felice and Borrelli filed notices of claim for a total of $90 million against Police Commissioner William Bratton, New York City, Cronin and several fellow officers who they say were drinking with Cronin in the hours before the shooting.

Police in Pelham said Cronin, 27, apparently fired his Glock 9 mm service weapon randomly at the two men. Cronin was arrested after the shooting and police said he refused to take a blood-alcohol level test.

McLaughlin said his clients expect Cronin to be indicted on attempted murder charges. A spokesman for the Westchester County district attorney said he could not comment.

Asked about the case Tuesday, Bratton said Cronin had been suspended and wouldn't comment on the lawsuit, which he said was "not unexpected."

Bratton would not describe any possible departmental charges that might be brought.

A spokesman for the New York City Law Department would not comment on the case.

Borrelli attended the news conference in the midtown offices of McLaughlin's law firm and choked up as he thanked family and friends for their support.

"I honestly don't know how we survived this unprovoked ambush, or why he chose to single out Joe and myself for his vicious rampage," Borrelli said.

He read a statement from the 47-year-old Felice, who is still recovering from his injuries and did not attend the news conference.

"What happened to me was a random act of violence committed by a ruthless man," the statement said.