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It's been a busy month for our campaign and I can't wait to hit the ground running after Labor Day. Throughout August, I've been all over the district talking with voters about the issues at stake in this election and building the grassroots momentum that will carry us to victory on November 4th.

My opponent doesn't need grassroots. He's already given his campaign $700,000 of his personal wealth, and earlier this month national Republicans listed his campaign as one of their priorities this fall.

I'm not wealthy. And I won't have money from outside groups with their own interests and agendas. I'm an independent career prosecutor and this is a grassroots campaign. I rely on a deep and diverse network of people like you who believe in what we're doing and give whatever they can to make our communities stronger. I wouldn't have it any other way.

That's why for the final four days of August, our fundraising goal is to maximize not how much we raise, but how many people get involved -- how many individuals are willing to invest a few dollars to support our campaign. Our goal is 40 contributions each day of any amount -- even if it's only $5 or $10.

Will you be one of the 40 who steps up today?

This is going to be an expensive race. We have to start preparing now for the final few weeks when outside groups will spend big money to tear me down and prop up my opponent. I'm ready for that fight. I'm ready to out-work my opponent and I'm ready to win -- and I'm so fortunate to have so many grassroots supporters like you standing with me the whole way.

40 contributions each day for the next four days. That's our goal. Please contribute what you can to help us get there.