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Below is a partial list of names of individuals who have been excluded permanently from NYCHA's public housing developments. This list keeps residents informed of the Authority's ongoing efforts to improve the quality of life for New Yorkers in public housing and to allow for the peaceful and safe use of its facilities. The full list can be viewed at on.nyc.gov/nychanotwanted. The following are the people, with their former addresses, excluded as of November 21-December 5, 2012.

Prohibited as of November 21, 2012

Charynar Brown Queensbridge South Houses, 41-10 12th Street, Apt. 1B, Queens
Shakeem Bush Ocean Bay Apartments Houses, 51-45 Almeda Avenue, Apt. 2C, Queens
Joseph Crispin East 180th Street-Monterey Avenue Houses, 2111 Lafontaine Avenue, Apt. 9E, Bronx
Jahquan Gray Ocean Bay Apartments Houses, 51-45 Almeda Avenue, Apt. 2C, Queens
Eddie a/k/a Edwin Pedraja East River Houses, 455 East 102nd Street, Apt. 5E, Manhattan
Sean Perry Polo Grounds Towers Houses, 2931 8th Avenue, Apt. 14F, Manhattan
Jeffrey Salgado Carver Houses, 50 East 104th Street, Apt. 2H, Manhattan

Prohibited as of November 28, 2012

Anthony Miles Stapleton Houses, 29 Warren Street, Apt. 2M, Staten Island

Prohibited as of December 5, 2012

Lynwood Bennett Murphy Private Houses, 1528 Hoe Avenue, Apt. 2B, Bronx
Charlie Best Gravesend Houses, 2719 West 33rd Street, Apt. 2G, Brooklyn
Jovanni Cabrera Albany/Weeksville Houses, 1400 Bergen Street, Apt. 7G, Brooklyn
Lamar Davis Ocean Hill Houses, 309 Macdougal Street, Apt. 1F, Brooklyn
Santi Deleon Lower East Side III Houses, 373 East 8th Street, Apt. 2D, Manhattan
Jessie Diazgranados Millbrook Houses, 169 Cypress Avenue, Apt. 9H, Bronx
Timothy Diggs Pomonok Houses, 67-39 Kissena Boulevard, Apt. 2A, Queens
Roquan Faulkner Sumner Houses, 995 Myrtle Avenue, Apt. 6C, Brooklyn
Laronn Lewis Farragut Houses, 111 Bridge Street, Apt. 3G, Brooklyn
Derwin Moses Manhattanville Houses, 1430 Amsterdam Avenue, Apt. 2E, Manhattan
Yanira Otero Gravesend Houses, 2719 West 33rd Street, Apt. 2G, Brooklyn
Michael Santana Surfside Gardens Houses, 3030 Surf Avenue, Apt. 9A, Brooklyn
Rodney Valles a/k/a Rodney Vans Vans Unity Plaza Houses, 570 Blake Avenue, Apt. 4B, Brooklyn
Euris Williams Howard/Tilden Houses, 300 Dumont Avenue, Apt. 16E, Brooklyn