1250 Broadway, 27th Floor New York, NY 10001


ny_chamber_commerce_banner_nyreblog_com_.gif  Networking Breakfast

followed by a Special Presentation



~ Investing for Smarties ~

Or When Do I Finally Get Rich?



-- How to Make Long Term Money;

-  The Importance of Asset Allocation

-  Quarterly Rebalancing - The Only Way to Insure that You Buy Low and Sell High

-  Tax Free Compounding - the Only Real Way to Make Long Term Wealth

- The Best (and most overlooked) Fixed Investment


Tuesday, October 2nd

8:30am- 9:15am (Networking)

9:30am Presentation


20 W. 44th Street, 6th floor Coffee House


Seating is limited-breakfast will be served

Members $15.00

Guests $30.00

RSVP 212-686-7220

or go to www.ny-chamber.com


Henry T. Rubin Esq., Professor of Finance and Estate Planning

Henry is known nationally for his lively and informative presentations - he will teach you "classic" proven investment techniques, not the latest shiny gimmicks that enrich everyone but you.  He is an investor, a graduate of the New York University School of Law, and adjunct professor of Financial and Estate Planning at two Universities with years of experience advising families, trustees, and not-for-profits on building wealth for the long run.  Most importantly, he is a straight talker who will teach, entertain, and tell you things no one else will.


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