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ny_chamber_commerce_banner_nyreblog_com_.gifVeterans Across America-As a highly connected and respected business community leader, you have the valuable knowledge and skills to help our country's veterans succeed in the civilian workplace after their military service. Your business acumen, together with your professional networks, experience, and ability to get things done are the perfect skills to help mentor a Greater New York veteran, many of whom have served in multiple deployments in Iraq or Afghanistan. In job hunting, it's all about who you know. By sharing your professional network, you can help an unemployed veteran find a viable civilian job.

When you partner with Veterans Across America, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, you have the opportunity to help repay our deserving veterans' sacrifice to our country. As a volunteer member of our Champion Mentoring Program, you would be given the opportunity to find meaningful employment for the chronically unemployed veteran. As we all know, meaningful employment helps keep depression and feelings of unworthiness at bay. A person who has honorably served this country through military service should never feel worthless due to chronic unemployment and underemployment. Many of these vets are still struggling financially and emotionally since returning home but with your help, they can find a great job and begin to feel whole again.

To sign up as a volunteer mentor, please contact Marion I. Lipshutz, mlipshutz@veteransacrossamerica.org
or Alex Jaffe ajaffe@veteransacrossamerica.org or call us at 212-684-1122

For a link to the Champion Mentoring page, http://www.veteransacrossamerica.org/mentoring-programs.html